Do you need managed IT services in Corona? Look for these features

March 5th, 2019
Do you need managed IT services in Corona? Look for these features

Leaving your IT in the hands of a managed services provider (MSP) for outside IT support can be unnerving, even if it’s only to augment your in-house team. They will play such an integral role in keeping your operations running smoothly, so choosing the right one should never be left up to chance. If you need a managed IT services in Corona, here are some features and qualities you should look for in a provider.

High-quality service

Many MSPs typically offer comprehensive IT support. One way to make sure they give you high-quality services is by requesting to see a service level agreement (SLA). An ideal MSP should guarantee fast response times, immediate solutions to IT issues, remote IT support, and round-the-clock managed services.

They should also provide regular reports and consistent upgrades to your infrastructure. You’ll know when you’ve chosen the right MSP when they’re committed not only to improving your business, but also to enhancing their ability to serve you.

Customizable services

Every business has unique needs, and it’s important that your MSP meets them. They should listen to you and tailor their services to your budget, requirements, and schedule. When you work with an MSP like Forum Info-Tech, you can be sure that we’ll constantly look out for new solutions that improve your business. Our 98% client retention rate attests to this fact.

Solid disaster recovery plan

An MSP’s responsiveness to unforeseen events and calamities must be impeccable. They should implement a robust disaster recovery plan (DRP) and resources, and they must help you train your staff on how to respond effectively during these situations. The DRP will determine the possible effects of an interrupted operation such as delayed sales income, contractual penalties, lack of invoicing, and a damaged brand reputation, and resolve issues based on their research. A solid DRP must include highly organized recovery protocols that form part of a much larger business continuity plan.

Regulatory compliance

A reliable MSP should be well-versed in different regulations across several industries; they must be able to recommend the right equipment, tools, and training for your business to comply with various regulatory authorities. This will ensure consistent services, standardized processes, and optimized deployment methods.

If your MSP has a culture of adherence to best practices in your industry, they’ll constantly improve their assets and staff, which means they can provide better services as well.

Proactive patch management

Patch management takes time, so most companies and their respective IT providers just don’t bother to do it. But an excellent MSP will patch your software to keep everything running smoothly and securely. They will regularly schedule the installation of patches so your team won’t be interrupted during office hours, configure settings for patch distribution, and generate log reports to check the status of the patches.

24/7 support and monitoring

An MSP must keep all your hardware and software up-to-date and back-up systems according to a set schedule. They must efficiently manage your IT, from systems monitoring to regulatory compliance. Competent service providers must also manage your infrastructure round-the-clock and ensure that the customer service support process is as easy as possible. One way to see whether they’re capable of meeting your expectations is by checking the testimonials left by their existing clients.

Vendor management

Dealing with a lot of vendors may result in incoherent and redundant operations. For example, it may be hard to keep track of which systems are compatible with one another, and a lack of resources or expertise could result in investing in tools that don't work. This is why you should hire an MSP to be your single point of contact.
You also need to ensure that your MSP has a single point of accountability (SPA) for every support scenario. Without it, there will be finger-pointing and blaming among vendors. You need to ask your provider about their vendor management program and how hands-on their approach is. Ideally, your MSP must always be ready to coordinate with your vendors and guarantee a resolution for every IT issue.

Experience and expertise

Lacking access to adequate IT expertise can cause insurmountable obstacles within your business. An MSP is one of the easiest upgrades your existing IT can get. You also need to educate your team about information technology options that are designed for your business. You should trust only certified and experienced IT experts to handle your computer and network systems. They must show commitment, initiative, and dedication to you as an IT partner by being available round-the-clock to address your needs and aligning their solutions with your business goals.

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