Forum Info-Tech

Your Digital Transformation Partner

Our Vision for you

We strive to become our clients’ “trusted advisors” by demonstrating commitment and dedication in everything we do for you. 

We don’t want to be viewed as just another IT company but as your trusted technology partner.

A reliable partner you can turn to for all your technological needs.

Business goal achieved

Our Philosophy

Our management philosophy is to empower our staff with tools and resources that allow them to excel in their role. We prioritize accountability, creativity, and approach-ability so we can work intelligently together as a team.

This has resulted in a workforce that provides personal attention to every client they meet while being sensitive towards the changing needs of those clients over time.

The Forum Difference

We believe our company differentiates itself from competitors by providing solutions that produce tangible results. To do this, we align ourselves with clients’ goals to understand their business processes, deliverables and challenges so that together we can provide IT solutions that FIT.

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The Forum Info-Tech IT Experience

What it’s like working with Forum Info-Tech by the numbers.


23 Second Response Time


96% Client Satisfaction


22 IT Professionals


95% of Issues Resolved Through Help Desk


8 Minute Average Issue Resolved

Our Core Services for you


Dark web Monitoring

Dark web monitoring will help you keep your data safe from cyber criminals.


phish training

By employing a sharp workforce, you can prevent against cyber threats and save your business millions of dollars.


activity monitoring

You can easily monitor user activity to see what certain types of data are coming into and out of your business.


disaster recovery

Keep your businesses moving in case of the loss data or you’re locked out of your systems.


Email Protection

A cloud-based system that protects your email from spam and phishing attacks


Office 365 Monitoring

With Office 365 Monitoring, you can rest assured that your team’s data will stay secure and optimized.


Network Security Monitoring

Analyze real-time events to detect threats earlier than ever before.


Cloud hosting

Cloud hosting provides on-demand servers that can be accessed through the internet.

Our Journey


Biren and Harina Shukla’s American Dream came to fruition as they fulfilled their aspirations of entrepreneurship.


The First Managed Services contract is established at $500/month. Forum Info-Tech, Inc. was incorporated. .


The first employee is hired, and the company established a corporate office at 400 Ramona Ave, Suite 212-A Corona, CA 92879. Proactive IT Managed Services are established. Gross Revenue reaches $130,000. .


Forum Info-Tech, Inc. is now offering hardware products such as Phone systems. Forum Info-Tech is performing cabling projects for its customers. .


7 full-time employees and complete list services and solutions. Reached revenue of $800,000.


2014 Client Heartbeat Award Winner for having the highest customer satisfaction in the Cloud Services industry. Became 100% virtual company. Became Amazon Web Services Select and Microsoft Silver Partner Consulting Partner..


Reached revenue of $2.5M.
Hired 18th employee.
Adopted EOS Leadership structure..