Managed IT Services

We provide Managed IT Services & Support in RiverSide, Orange County, Los Angeles and Corona, California, USA

Let FIT handle your IT network, and we’ll let you handle your business.

Benefits of Managed Services:

  • Predictable monthly costs
  • Access to Skilled IT Resources
  • Leverage Experts with Industry Knowledge and Best Practices
  • Customizable workspace
  • Access data anytime anywhere you are connected to the Internet
  • Eliminate hardware reliance for data storage
  • Robust/secure back up system resulting in minimal downtime or data loss
  • higher level of security,
  • IT strategic consulting for planning and budgeting
  • Resources to drive projects
  • Save money purchasing thin clients vs. desktops
  • Remaining on-site resources such as Quest are backed up on-site for fast recovery
  • and to the cloud for redundancy purposes

Pain Points

  • Lack of resources for project completion.
  • Slow response time to user issues.
  • No documentation or ticket tracking
  • POS struggles with wireless connectivity and a high volume of time spent on equipment set up.
  • Antiquated technology EG: Novell
  • Lack of structure & standardization across departments. EG: Operating Systems
  • No short or long-term planning or budgeting
  • Aging infrastructure
  • No disaster recovery strategy

Our Proven Methodology

  • Core Value Alignment
  • Stabilize Environment
  • Employ Standardization
  • Measure, Manage and Enhance

We understand that growing a business takes time, focus, and in today’s marketplace the technology to deliver. We offer a full range of managed IT services to either augment your current IT department or take full ownership of your network in Orange County, RiverSide, Los Angeles and Corona, California, USA. We provide budget friendly flat-fee pricing to cover all of your needs. Browse our services below and contact us today for a free network evaluation.

24/7/365 Server and Workstation Network Monitoring

Our certified team of engineers proactively monitor your entire network, making sure your servers and workstations are healthy, updated, and properly backed up. Our intelligent software is installed on all of your servers and workstations and monitors over 255 different things that could go wrong and cause you expensive downtime. As we receive alerts, our Helpdesk and our Network Operations Center proactively resolve those issues by remotely connecting to your devices. Now that’s Proactive IT Services which our customers have depended on for the smooth functioning of their network.

Live Support Helpdesk

We provide your business with live support to remedy any issue. Our professional and courteous technicians are ready to help with just a click, call, or email. We provide a full ticketing system to track and inform you every step of the way while we work on a particular issue. Whether it’s a “how-to” or a “it doesn’t work”, we’ll make sure you’re taken care of.

DataGuard Back-Up System

Backing up your data is just the beginning. Our services include a fully managed DataGuard system that provides full image level back-ups, built in virtualization, and remote storage. Translation… your network is safe from theft, disasters, or hardware failures. Our system will have you back in business in minutes instead of days. It’s all about uptime and keeping your business going.

Network Security Management

We ensure your network security by properly configuring your firewall, performing intrusion tests, even setting up content filtering to block unwanted site traffic. Our service includes enterprise level anti-virus and anti-spyware to prevent infections too.

Virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO)

As a managed services client, we assign a vCIO to your account that oversees and orchestrates our engineers to best suit your network. Your vCIO will meet with you regularly, roadmap solutions to improve your network stability, as well as consult with you on emerging technology you may want to incorporate. The vCIO delivers the personal touch, reports and advice that business owners depend on.

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