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We provide Professional Services & Support in RiverSide, Orange County, Los Angeles and Corona, California, USA

Whether you need help designing a network from scratch, upgrading your current infrastructure, or even building an on-premise cloud datacenter, FIT has got you covered. Our engineers hold certifications from Microsoft, Citrix, VMware, and many other industry specific technologies.

Corporate IT Support

Who does an IT director or CIO call for support? They call FIT. We consult with IT directors and CIOs to help them achieve the results they are aiming for. With hundreds of projects in virtualization, Cloud migrations, complex system upgrades, and many other custom solutions, our team is sure to help you implement your project.

Hosted VoIP Phone Systems

With bandwidth becoming more and more available and the need to stay connected no matter where you are, hosted VoIP phone systems have become the preferred solution for business. Most of these systems require no major investment and offer virtually unlimited use. Before you think about replacing your phone system, contact FIT - we’ll give you unbiased advice as we work with many different providers and will recommend the best solution for YOUR business.

Commercial Grade Wireless System

If the wireless router you purchased from the local electronics store just isn’t cutting it, call FIT. Our team has vast experience in commercial grade Wi-Fi systems that offer optimal performance and most importantly, the total security your business needs.

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