Why Forum Info-Tech?

Have you had a bad experience with other “IT Guys”? Does your current provider just not seem to get it? We’re different and here is why…

We take a holistic approach to your network and look at your business processes and how they are affected by technology. This enables our team to identify the root cause of issues you may be experiencing and put in place a solution…not just a fix.

Dedicated vCIO

Do you like having a personal relationship with your IT person, but wish he or she had the knowledge and depth that a larger IT department could provide? Well FIT offers that through a dedicated vCIO (Virtual Chief Information Officer).

As a FIT customer, your vCIO will take the time to get to know your business, thoroughly document your network, and spend the time to develop solutions that promote productivity. The vCIO is backed by our team of helpdesk technicians and engineers to execute their plans. The vCIO is there to update you on your network and help you understand and develop a roadmap for your company’s technology. In the end, you get the personal service you want, with the enterprise level of expertise and execution you need.

Certified Engineers

Our team consists of some of the most certified and qualified engineers in the industry. And as our client, they now become part of your IT department. Led by the vCIO our engineers can design and implement a full range of solutions that your average “IT guy” hasn’t even heard of.


Sure, everyone says they can think out of the box… but in our business, we are starting to think out of the server. Everyone from our CTO, business development team, engineers and even our admin staff get involved in innovating new ways to work with technology. Sure we are certified in the everyday technology, but we do not shy away from trying the technology of tomorrow and testing it for you. With FIT you can trust that we won’t just present you with the “average’ solution, but with a choice of solutions that FIT your business.

Long Term Clients

Why do our clients stick with FIT? Let’s face it there are many choices when it comes to IT yet our client retention rate is over 98%! The number one reason is we don’t act as a vendor, but instead as your technology partner. We take responsibility and design our solutions so that both parties benefit from outcomes. If we make a mistake we own it and put an end to it, if we find a better solution we bring it to you, and most importantly, we listen to our customers.

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