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Your Solution: Managed IT Services

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We understand that growing a business demands all of your time, energy and focus. You rely on technology to help you get the job done but don’t have the bandwidth to deal with IT maintenance and troubleshooting. Your solution is managed IT services.

Forum Info-Tech becomes your business’s IT department – delivering a full range of services to keep your network, servers, workstations, VoIP phones and other vital infrastructure running smoothly. We provide budget-friendly, surprise-free pricing to meet your needs and handle everything, so you can write your success story with confidence.

Our managed IT services:

Network and Server Management Services

24/7 Support Helpdesk Support

Managed Security Services

Virtual CIO Services

Network and Server Management

Our team of expert engineers proactively monitor your network and servers, making sure everything is healthy, updated and properly backed up. Our intelligent software is installed across your IT infrastructure to monitor for disruptions, intrusions, system errors or anything that might cause you expensive downtime. As events arise, our 24/7 Helpdesk proactively troubleshoots and resolves issues remotely. And, in the event the issue needs an onsite visit, we respond immediately to get you back up and running in no time.

24/7 Helpdesk Support

We provide your business with live support to remedy any issue. Our professional and courteous technicians are ready to help with just a click, call or email. We provide a full ticketing system to track and inform you every step of the way while we troubleshoot your systems and remedy tech issues. Plus, if you or your team have technology related “how-to” questions, we’re happy to help with advice on everything from installing new software and setting-up email to unfreezing unresponsive computers and identifying potential ransomware attacks.

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Managed Security Services

You may not work around the clock, but hackers do. Our team of certified security specialists ensure your entire IT infrastructure is protected by properly configuring your firewall, performing intrusion tests and even setting up content filtering to block unwanted website traffic. Our managed IT security services also include the installation of enterprise-level anti-virus and anti-spyware software on all of your computers and servers to minimize threats and protect your vital systems from infection.

Virtual CIO Services

As a managed services client, we assign you a virtual chief information officer (vCIO) to oversee and orchestrate the work our engineers perform on your servers, network and other systems. Your vCIO will meet with you regularly to roadmap solutions, improve security and reliability, ensure your overall satisfaction and consult with you on emerging technology that you may want to incorporate into your organization.